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BERP for Tuba or Euphonium

BERP for Tuba or Euphonium

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The BERP has proven to be one of the best tools a brass player can have to improve many aspects of their playing including efficiency, tone, and pitch.  When the inventor of the BERP, Mario Guaneri, was a member of the LA Philharmonic and worked with James Stamp, he realized that brass players needed a device that would reinforce Stamp's concepts.  Stamp would require his students to buzz the mouthpiece while moving to the fingers to coordinate with the music.

The BERP simplifies practicing by temporarily removing the instrument!  The BERP allows the player to buzz the mouthpiece while operating the valves in the usual manner.  This encourages the musician to focus on the pitch, as well as realizing different levels of resistance with their air.

Mario Guaneri's instructions for using the BERP:

The clamp. The BERP clamp fits firmly onto the open end of the instrument’s receiver, with the mouthpiece removed. It’s designed to tighten around a round, hex, or convex-shaped opening. If a receiver has an oversized ring at the opening, it may be necessary to push the clamp past that before tightening down. For some receivers, you may also need to add black electrical tape to the inside of the clamp to help prevent slippage and ensure a secure fit. Most people prefer to line The BERP up parallel to the receiver at the “three o’clock” position. You may want to experiment with other positions to determine what’s best for you. Once The BERP is firmly attached, you can easily alternate between buzzing and playing your instrument by switching the mouthpiece.

The resistance dial.  The dial on The BERP for trombones, euphoniums, and tubas should be positioned above the holes and lowered to create the desired resistance.  (The dial for the trumpet, horn, and cornet BERP should be positioned below the holes and pushed up to partially cover them to create the desired resistance).  Beginners usually have a better chance of getting a good buzz with slightly more resistance. Once a good buzz is achieved, resistance on The BERP should be dialed similarly to that of the instrument.


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