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After years of trying different mouthpieces, I hadn’t found anything that I really liked until I tried the Robert Tucci RT-64 on my small tuba. It provided the response and color I wanted, while also strengthening the core of the sound. It also made flexibility easier! The next tour with Dallas Brass, the group loved that I was a little more defined and had a little more “oomph” to the sound while playing as clear as ever. Then I heard the Robert Tucci Sousapower 4 mouthpiece was something I needed to try out and gave it a shot. Wow! Everything was better on my big tuba immediately. Every part of my playing is better- cleaner, clearer, and more ability to express myself. I’m glad these mouthpieces are available from!

Paul Carlson

Tubist, Dallas Brass

Assistant Prof. of Tuba/Euphonium, Grand Valley State University


I never really had to play sousaphone well until starting my job in the USAF.  All of a sudden I had to sound like a pro on something I was totally uncomfortable with! Over the past couple of years I always settled on the fact that no mouthpiece would make a difference and I had to just accept feeling uncomfortable. Not the case anymore!! The first time I played a note with the Sousapower 4 the horn just exploded with sound and core! I actually started laughing it felt and sounded so good.  Response has never been so immediate and playing sousaphone has never felt so efficient!  The Sousapower 4 mouthpiece makes my life so much easier whether it’s playing a five hour dixie gig or a high visibility ceremony.   

Thanks for the recommendation and making the process so easy!

Senior Airman Douglas Jones

USAF Heritage of America Band